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We All Can: Thomas Gutsjahr

Wir Alle Können (We All Can) reflects the many success stories of people with disabilities who overcame barriers to succeed in their professional careers. Thomas Gutsjahr is one of them!

Thomas Gutsjahr, who is employed as an assistent to the board of directors, in the Austrian Senior Experts Pool organization, travels two hours a day to and from work because he lives in the small town of Hochdorf near Vienna. But this is not a problem for him because he loves his job. Thomas is a trained cook who, after an accident, was forced to change his profession and adapt to new circumstances. 


It was a challenge to adapt and find something that suits me, but at the same time, I am proud to have succeeded. 


In his free time, he is also involved in fishing and mountaineering, and he believes that it is extremely important to combine work and any kind of health condition. When you find a job you love according to your health capabilities, it’s wonderful. Just like in my case. Office work is fun for me. His responsibilities at ASEP are numerous, and his openness and communicativeness make it easier for him to communicate with people daily. From this, he learned that talking about his condition empowers him and further educates the people around him, that despite his disability, he can work and be professional.


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