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We All Can: Katharina Praniess

Wir Alle Können (We All Can) reflects the many success stories of people with disabilities who overcame barriers to succeed in their professional careers. Katharina Praniess is one of them!

Katharina Praniess, from Vienna, works as a peer consultant with the organization WAG for already three years, and in her free time she enjoys nature and hanging out with friends. The challenge she faced at the beginning of her work is certainly the impatience she had towards herself. 


It took some time before I realized that I was setting too high demands on myself, says Katharina, and continues that over time she has become much more patient in her work, giving herself enough time to get used to the new environment. Very few people know how to listen. Katharina is one of them. She understands the specific life situations of clients and gives them the best possible advice for independent living or one with the support of a personal assistant. In addition to showing empathy for clients by trying to put herself in their shoes, she at the same time faces the challenge of not imposing solutions on clients, which they should come up with themselves with her support. 


During my studies in psychology, I was often able to apply these skills in practice and I see that I have mastered them well.


For the successful integration of people with disabilities into the labor market, she lists two important items – people with a disability should know what interests them so that they can use their skills and qualifications accordingly, on the other hand, companies must recognize the abilities of employees with disabilities, to achieve the best possible result. Enjoying life despite all adversity and never giving up is what drives Katharina every day.