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Jamba - Career for All is here to unleash the potential of people with disabilities by building digital skills and breaking down barriers. We connect people and their talents with IT and AI companies. Become an Agent of Change and support our crowdfunding campaign on StartNext!

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Our mission is to connect people with disabilities and their talents with the companies of the future! JAMBA's goal is to ensure equal access to education and employment for everyone and for this we are developing an accessible e-learning and job matching platform. In the innovation and development process, we collaborate with all key stakeholders to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our Plans

August 2016

At the end of 2016 we founded "Jamba". Kiril was the first successfully hired candidate who started work on May 11, 2017. Our team, together with the companies in Bulgaria, is constantly organizing events and workshops in various industries to give our candidates more options.

Jamba in Hungary

In 2019 we were very proud to launch Jamba in Hungary. Sári and her team started developing the project there in May of the same year.

April 2020
Jamba in Austria

Jamba has been operating in Austria since April 2020.

July 2020
Online Training

This year, our team has launched its first accessible online training for Data Collection & Annotation.

December 2020
Awareness campaign

Our team has created an awareness campaign, We All Can, in celebration of International Day of People with Disabilities, happening in 3 European countries - Austria, Bulgaria and Hungary.

January - March 2021

Our goal is to gather and analyze feedback from key stakeholders /people with disabilities and ICT and AI sectors/ and recommend strategic steps to reduce labor market disparities and provide accessible training programs.

April - December 2021
Accessible online and offline trainings

To equip candidates with the right entry into the future of work, Jamba supports through the development of inclusive and barrier-free online & offline training programs with a duration between 6 and 9 months.



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