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We All Can: Markus Binder

Wir Alle Können (We All Can) reflects the many success stories of people with disabilities who overcame barriers to succeed in their professional careers. Markus Binder is one of them!


Markus Binder comes from Graz, where he works as a learning assistant for people with learning disabilities and disabilities at the organization atempo. However, he cites sports as his great love. He has been playing for many years, and this makes his everyday life easier because he is in a wheelchair. In 2018, he won the Austrian Open in bodybuilding, several hours of exercise and preparation are additional motivation for him. 


Marcus does not like to be limited due to the so-called disability. He believes that each individual should take care of their health and their body. Strength training can only further facilitate activities carried out independently. Markus emphasizes the importance of sports and calls on all people with disabilities to play sports. It not only has a positive effect on physical and mental health but also for self-confidence and better integration into society.