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Jamba – Career for All funded and supported by FFG

We are pleased to announce that Jamba – Career for All is funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)  under the Impact Innovation Program.



Using innovation methodologies, our team will test its ideas regarding the inclusion of people with disabilities in the areas of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) with education and employment opportunities. To help our team thoroughly analyze the problem, discover new ideas, and develop an effective and accessible digital solution, all relevant stakeholders will be involved in the process. We aim to bridge the gap between unemployed, talented people with disabilities and new, hard-to-fill career fields. Our focus on education is also inspired by the increasing accessibility and popularity of distance education. At Jamba, we aim to reach people in rural areas and small settlements because everyone needs equal access to social and economic inclusion. For us, “digital inclusion” is an important, yet under-addressed topic. Both education and job search processes need to be inclusive and user-friendly for everyone, including people with disabilities.


An important part of our innovation process is to collect enough data to find the best solutions. Therefore, we reach both target groups – people with disabilities and the corporate sector. Our goal is to find out the needs, backgrounds, and interests of people with disabilities in relation to their professional development. In doing so, we also explore their interest in developing themselves in the digital sector and immersing themselves in new types of jobs. We already offer entry-level training in ICT & AI for talents with disabilities. At the same time, we are not only exploring what talents are needed in companies, especially ICT & AI fields but also try to raise awareness on why it is important to convince more employers to open their doors for talents with disabilities. Positive examples can ensure that more can follow.


If you are willing to participate in our research and innovation process and help us with a small step – for a big change! you can do so by filling out our survey. Your opinion counts!


You can find the survey for people with disabilities in English here and German here, and for company representatives in English here and German here.


We are also in contact with various stakeholders, such as NGOs or companies who are also committed to the inclusion of people with disabilities. We actively seek dialogue with NGO representatives and other stakeholders.


If you are driven by the same passion or are a person with a disability interested in sharing your experience and interests, you are more than welcome to contact us! You can be based anywhere in Austria. At the same time, companies that share our vision for an accessible future of work that belongs to all and is willing to have conversations to create real positive change in society, please contact us!


Let’s have conversations that create positive change in society for our shared vision of an inclusive future of work!