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Future of Work 4 All: Jamba launching a crowdfunding campaign in Austria

Jamba – Career for All Austria has launched a crowdfunding campaign Future of Work 4 All . We seek to raise funds for developing a sustainable training program for people with disabilities in Austria and an accessible platform, with a focus on digital skills and jobs.


Our mission is to enhance accessible skill building for people with disabilities and connect them with companies that are looking for these very resources. 


Jamba builds a bridge between capacities, inclusive training, and job opportunities in the fields of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With this campaign, Jamba calls on all to become an Agent of Change because inclusion is everyone’s responsibility.


Education is one of the fundamental factors for development and economic growth. One of the biggest challenges of time is the lack of equal access to quality education for everyone, especially for people with disabilities, who are excluded from many opportunities for one reason or another.


At the same time, the world is changing at a tremendous rate, technological leaps in IT and AI are leading to countless opportunities, the global pandemic situation is rearranging the way of work, not only new professions are emerging but new digital skills are also required along the way. The answer to all these challenges necessitates access to information and education so that everyone is included socially and economically.


When we first gathered around this idea of connecting people with disabilities with the digital future of work, the pandemic had not yet taken its toll. COVID-19 has not only accelerated digital transformation even further but has also raised our social concerns about inequality, such as in chances of remote working, says Selin Öner-Kula, Jamba Crowdfunding Lead.  We want to make sure that this shift happens inclusively.


To equip candidates with the right entry into the future of work, Jamba supports them through the development of inclusive and barrier-free online & offline training programs with a duration between 6 and 9 months in the following fields:

  • Know-how in future-oriented topics, such as information and communication technologies (ICT) and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Advancement of important soft skills and languages (e.g. CV-, technical interview-skills, English training) 
  • It accompanies applicants step by step on their way to a new job – from training and the joint preparation of application documents to the job interview. Jamba also supports and accompanies applicants after they have been hired in order to create long-term added value for the company and the employee. 
  • Jamba not only supports the applicants themselves, they also create awareness among employers and society by focusing on the skills and potential of people with disabilities.

What rewards did Jamba prepare for supporters?


Something for everyone! If you enjoy learning new things Jamba’s Future of Work and International Sign Language webinars are perfect for you. You can catch up on trends that are shaping the Future of Work and find out why Sign Languages are for everyone!  If you are more into creativity Jamba offers a beautiful design of the Braille Alphabet which is specially produced for this campaign and sent to you per post. For foodie lovers there is an exclusive goodie. All supporters will receive Jamba’s Digital Badge Agent of Change you can add to your profiles on social media channels, personal blogs and resumes. Check more info here


How can you support this initiative? 


Jamba knows that giving is not just about making a donation but about making a difference. Contribute and be part of change. To learn more about Jamba and the Agent of Change program or to support this initiative, visit our Project on Startnext Page.