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WomenBridges: Supporting career paths and work-life balance of women – Methodology Guide

The WomenBridges program provides:

  • Combined support (training, counseling, and mentoring) for women, in and out of the workplace, to achieve work-life balance.

  • Support to women’s careers and bridge opportunities for better/quality employment in a work environment and life more rewarding and positive.

  • A human-centered program to support women in developing their careers whether they want to enter or re-enter employment, or to do a professional change, be entrepreneurs, transform their hobby or idea into a business, or take their job to the next level to a senior role. All this is in balance with the personal life.


The WomenBridges Methodology Guide explains how the WomenBridges program works and how it can help organizations and specialists to develop an exhaustive support system for the women they are working within their communities, at the workplace, or in the circle of family and friends. Within this document, the partners in the WomenBridges project provide a framework of methodological guidelines, practical tools, and resources for combined support (training, counseling, and mentoring) to the target groups of women, in some cases directly at the workplace.


This guide provides processes and recommendations, criteria and instruments to be directly used for enabling a network of Buddies (or the mentors) and starting to provide services for the women in need. In this guide, you will find out how to:

  • Process the work

  • Select and enable buddies

  • Welcome and assess the needs of a mentee

  • Match the buddy with the women in need

  • Use support instruments and tools

  • Monitor, evaluate, and support the process

  • Provide resources & network

  • Give case studies and recommendations

WomenBridges provides a comprehensive approach and concrete methodology to support the career paths of young women, especially those in vulnerable situations, to achieve economic independence and employment. At the same time, it develops the competencies of youth workers and NGO teams in implementing and co-develop this approach. The long-term goal of WomenBridges is to effectively include young women in public life by providing quality and balanced employment as entrepreneurs, self-employed, or employees.

You can download the methodology here: